about You + me

We were each one crafted for a purpose. Don't you believe that? Don't you ache with the longing for some hazy unnamed dream that only you can bring to life? Don't you know that God formed you up, called you lovely, and then set you carefully down in the most precise of places so that you could restore the ugliness there? You do know it, or else you wouldn't be here - clicked over from some pin about quitting things in search of your calling or maybe from some whimsical Instagram post about journeys and arriving and doing the work in front of you.

I don't know what work is in front of you. Maybe it's nursing a baby through the whole blessed night or maybe it's commuting for the whole blessed morning or maybe it's studying through the whole blessed afternoon. I do know that you're weary, not because you dislike the work in front of you, necessarily, but because you haven't figured out if the work in front of you is the right work - the work you were meant to do. And so you spend your days (or your nights, as it may be) doing that work, and you spend the rest of your time agonizing over whether or not you should be doing some other work. It's no wonder you're tired, soul.