3 Quick Ways to Use Your Essential Oils Every Day

Young Living essential oils starter kit for preferred customers.

So you bought a kit full of essential oils, pinned tons of ideas for them that you totally meant to do, and then adulting got in your way and you forgot all about it.

Now all those little bottles are shoved in a cabinet somewhere and you’re feeling bad that you wasted the money.

I’m not here to tell you that essential oils are magic in a bottle, so if you really used yours and felt like they didn’t work for you, I’m not going to try to convince you that you’re doing it wrong.

But if you legit got busy and couldn’t find a way to work essential oils into your routine, here’s a couple of suggestions to make the most of your kit.

First, get them out of the cabinet. As long as they’re out of sight, you’ll never remember that you planned on using them. There’s actually a little stand on the back of the tray that your oils came in that lets you display your whole collection. If you pop that tray out of the box, you’ll see what I mean.

Set them up someplace where you’ll see them every day and remember your good intentions.

Next, download the Reference Guide for Essential Oils app. If you need a quick reminder about how to use a certain oil or if you need to know which oil to use for a specific problem, this app is the easiest resource.

3 Ways to Use Your Essential Oils Every Day

Before You Apply Your Makeup

Grab your bottle of Frankincense out of your kit and put it wherever you keep your makeup. Add 1-2 drops in your hand to your face cream or primer each morning.

Frankincense essential oil is a natural astringent, so it can help tighten and tone your skin. It’s also helpful for uneven skin tones or redness, according to the Journal of Traditional and Complimentary Medicine.

In a Roller Bottle

There are endless combinations of oils that are great for roller bottles.

(Roller bottles are just little glass bottles with a roller in the top that lets you roll an oil onto your skin).

I roll Valor on my wrists around lunchtime every day to keep my mood balanced through the afternoon. Here’s a whole list of recipes for you to try. Grab a few bottles (my favorite shop is Wood + Oils #notanad) and make some rollers to keep in your purse, desk drawer, or nightstand.

At Bedtime

Maybe the easiest way to use your oils more often is in the diffuser. Try 4-5 drops of Lavender, Cedarwood, White Angelica, or Dreamcatcher in your diffuser at bedtime and see if your sleep improves.

If you’re battling stuffiness, the extra moisture coming from the diffuser may help you breathe easier, too. Try adding a few drops of RC or Raven for additional support.



7 Essential Oils for When Your Feelings Have Feelings

Essential oils to help with anxiety and emotions.

It's well known by aromatherapists and dirty hippies wellness buffs alike that essential oils can have a powerful impact on your brain.

I know, I know: here she goes again with her wierdo "remedies" that aren't backed by science and can't be proven to actually work.



Smell is a combinatorial code of various olfactory receptor neurons being activated. So when you smell the brisk and energizing scent of peppermint essential oil, many different types of olfactory receptor neurons are firing to form a complex code that is sent through the olfactory nerve to the olfactory bulb. From the olfactory bulb information is routed to the piriform cortex, amygdala, hypothalamus, hippocampus and other limbic system structures through the olfactory tract. It’s due to the structural connections between the olfactory system and the brains limbic system that our perception of smell is intimately entangled with our experience of an emotion.
— Daniel Almeida, HBSc, PhD(c)

But whatever, man.

These 7 oils are some of the best for “activating receptor neurons” and stuff.

  1. Orange

    Full of limonene and alpha-pinene, Orange is one of the most nostalgic, uplifting oils you can use. You can add it into your skincare routine for double the soothing effect. (Just don’t smear it on your face before you head to the pool. Remember lemon juice highlights? Let’s not sun-bleach your face).

  2. Frankincense

    Yup, just like baby Jesus used. Regarded as one of the most sacred oils, Frankincense is a real treasure for those of us with all the feelings.

  3. Geranium

    If I had to choose one oil for the rest of my life, I would choose Geranium. It’s soft and floral and the only thing that can talk my brain down from a fight or flight moment.

  4. Stress Away

    Well, it kinda speaks for itself. This blend combines Vanilla, Copaiba, and Lime for an amazingly peaceful smell. Lots of us wear it as perfume because, ya know, adulting.

  5. Valor

    Personally, I was super late to the bandwagon on this one, but now I’m on it fuh lyfe. I roll valor on my kids’ wrists + chest at bedtime; they call it the “monster oil” because apparently, it keeps the monsters away.

  6. Joy

    This pretty pink bottle is even happy to look at. Put a couple drops on some dangly leather earrings and you can breathe in the calm all day long.

  7. Peace and Calming

    So many friends tell me how this oil was their mainstay during seasons of trauma or grief. If it works, it works y’all.

So, like, how do I actually use them?

All of these oils work on your emotions through your sense of smell; there’s a couple of ways you can breathe in the benefits:

  • Inhale straight from the bottle. Easy when you’re on the go.

  • Put a few drops on some diffuser jewelry. It’s basically therapeutic perfume.

  • Mix the oils with water in a diffuser to lightly scent an entire room. Breathing in the micro-droplets is the most effective way to activate all those receptors inside your nose + brain and bring your emotions under control.

And the sweetest news of all: you can skip the awkward home party and shop online. A starter kit is not required.

*Duh, that’s my personal link. The big guys require that I tell you I’ll receive a commission if you use it to shop. The price is the same and all opinions are my own (lololol of course they are. do you even know me?).

7 Cozy Essential Oils to Add To Your Collection This Fall

7 fall oils.png

1. Nutmeg Essential Oil

Since nutmeg is a primary ingredient in pumpkin spice, the smell should be instantly familiar and reminiscent of fall lattes. You can add it to your diffuser with some cinnamon bark or clove for a clean, cozy scent.

Nutmeg is not just some #basic oil, though. It’s also a staple ingredient in Ayuverdic medicine. You can add Nutmeg Vitality to a warm glass of milk before bedtime or take it in a capsule to support your body internally.

2. Thieves Essential Oil

This oil smells spicy and warm, everything we love about Fall. It’s also one of the main ingredients in Thieves Household Cleaner, Thieves Hand Purifier, and Thieves Foaming Hand Soap.

I’m donating gallons of it to elementary schools everywhere.

3. Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil

Probably my favorite oil ever to diffuse. It smells just like you think it should and will bring back fond memories of fighting with your siblings over gingerbread house construction. Pairs well with eggnog and Michael Bublé.  


4. Peppermint Essential Oil

Remember when your mom made you gargle mouthwash for a sore throat? Turns out, she might have been on the right track (I totally thought it was a bogus solution so I would stop begging to skip school).

Add Peppermint Vitality essential oil to a throat-soothing tea or rub diluted Peppermint essential oil on your spine to cool your body.


5. Pine Essential Oil

Duh, pine trees give you endorphins and endorphins make you happy and happy people don’t shoot their husbands. Or something like that.


6. Chamomile Essential Oil

Chamomile is for all of us who stay in our feelings. Worried about your budget? Chamomile. Annoyed by that dumb girl who posts all the political memes? Chamomile.  Anxious about the fate of humanity? Chamomile, my friend.


7. Orange Essential Oil

Fun fact: oranges ripen in the winter here in Florida. Is it any surprise that in our most stressed + depressed season, nature gives us the brightest, happiest gift?

Essential oils have the unique ability to stimulate the limbic system of our brains – the part that regulates our moods. If this season has you feeling down, a slow + deep inhale of orange essential oil can be magical.


8. Cedarwood Essential Oil

I keep this one on hand to make DIY chest rubs and for nighttime foot massages. I diffuse it in my kids’ rooms at bedtime, too. (You know, because I have snacks to eat and shows to watch).


9. Lavender Essential Oil

Throw away all your fancy skin creams and invest in a singular bottle of Lavender. Your countertop will look minimalist chic and your face will look like you should be back singing Britney Spears and wearing butterfly clips.

10. Valor Essential Oil

Centuries ago, Native American tribes traveled hundreds of miles to collect enough black spruce needles to make their medicinal extracts. It’s been noted that Lakota tribes especially valued this oil for its ability to soothe the mind and spirit.

Valor essential oil is made with black spruce and reputed to fortify weary spirits, just like the Lakota believed.

If the holidays feel more like tribe warfare for you, try wearing Valor in a diffuser necklace.