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5 Self-Care Habits to Help You Make the Most of the Newborn Months


If I could go back and tell my first-time mom self one thing about motherhood, it would be this: expect it to be fun.

There’s so much negative talk in our culture surrounding birth and babies and newborn habits that we’ve convinced new moms that “terrible” is normal for this season. (And that makes things like post-partum anxiety or depression even harder to recognize).

In an effort to be sensitive and honest about the struggles, we’ve made motherhood all about the hard parts. And that‘s just not the whole story.

Of course, some days will be rough. You might be tired. You will probably need help.

But expect to have fun.


5 Ways to Be Kind to Yourself With A Newborn in Tow

1. Keep up your hobby.

Everyone says you should “sleep when the baby sleeps.”

But sometimes it’s even more restful to read, garden, or rearrange your furniture for a few quiet minutes.

Whatever it is you love to do, be intentional about making time for it. You were someone before you were a mom, and that someone still matters.

2. Say no if you really want to.

Committing to dinner, a party, or really anything at all is tricky when you have a newborn with a weird sleep schedule and the need to eat every few hours.

If you don’t want to do it, then say no.

3. Eat for the joy of it.

Good food is healing, and that’s your body’s main priority right now. Stock your kitchen with foods that you love and eat well.

4. Own your feelings.

Your hormones are working on finding a new normal now that you are sustaining a baby outside of your body instead of inside.

While you’re coming to a balance, it’s helpful to recognize any Big Feelings that come up and work on releasing them.

5. Connect with your people.

When we’re processing such a big change to our lives, it’s normal to pull back emotionally. Just make sure that you don’t pull back from the people you trust the most.

Be mindful of giving good conversations, quality time, and kind words; that kind of investment almost always comes back richer.

There are more than 3 million women experiencing a post-partum mood disorder right now. It’s very common and very overcome-able. If your body needs additional support coming back to a balance after your baby is born, research your options and reach out to someone you trust for help.

Let’s get a convo going in the comments: What was your post-partum experience like? What helped you find joy during your earliest days of motherhood?

7 Essential Oils for When Your Feelings Have Feelings

Essential oils to help with anxiety and emotions.

It's well known by aromatherapists and dirty hippies wellness buffs alike that essential oils can have a powerful impact on your brain.

I know, I know: here she goes again with her wierdo "remedies" that aren't backed by science and can't be proven to actually work.



Smell is a combinatorial code of various olfactory receptor neurons being activated. So when you smell the brisk and energizing scent of peppermint essential oil, many different types of olfactory receptor neurons are firing to form a complex code that is sent through the olfactory nerve to the olfactory bulb. From the olfactory bulb information is routed to the piriform cortex, amygdala, hypothalamus, hippocampus and other limbic system structures through the olfactory tract. It’s due to the structural connections between the olfactory system and the brains limbic system that our perception of smell is intimately entangled with our experience of an emotion.
— Daniel Almeida, HBSc, PhD(c)

But whatever, man.

These 7 oils are some of the best for “activating receptor neurons” and stuff.

  1. Orange

    Full of limonene and alpha-pinene, Orange is one of the most nostalgic, uplifting oils you can use. You can add it into your skincare routine for double the soothing effect. (Just don’t smear it on your face before you head to the pool. Remember lemon juice highlights? Let’s not sun-bleach your face).

  2. Frankincense

    Yup, just like baby Jesus used. Regarded as one of the most sacred oils, Frankincense is a real treasure for those of us with all the feelings.

  3. Geranium

    If I had to choose one oil for the rest of my life, I would choose Geranium. It’s soft and floral and the only thing that can talk my brain down from a fight or flight moment.

  4. Stress Away

    Well, it kinda speaks for itself. This blend combines Vanilla, Copaiba, and Lime for an amazingly peaceful smell. Lots of us wear it as perfume because, ya know, adulting.

  5. Valor

    Personally, I was super late to the bandwagon on this one, but now I’m on it fuh lyfe. I roll valor on my kids’ wrists + chest at bedtime; they call it the “monster oil” because apparently, it keeps the monsters away.

  6. Joy

    This pretty pink bottle is even happy to look at. Put a couple drops on some dangly leather earrings and you can breathe in the calm all day long.

  7. Peace and Calming

    So many friends tell me how this oil was their mainstay during seasons of trauma or grief. If it works, it works y’all.

So, like, how do I actually use them?

All of these oils work on your emotions through your sense of smell; there’s a couple of ways you can breathe in the benefits:

  • Inhale straight from the bottle. Easy when you’re on the go.

  • Put a few drops on some diffuser jewelry. It’s basically therapeutic perfume.

  • Mix the oils with water in a diffuser to lightly scent an entire room. Breathing in the micro-droplets is the most effective way to activate all those receptors inside your nose + brain and bring your emotions under control.

And the sweetest news of all: you can skip the awkward home party and shop online. A starter kit is not required.

*Duh, that’s my personal link. The big guys require that I tell you I’ll receive a commission if you use it to shop. The price is the same and all opinions are my own (lololol of course they are. do you even know me?).