How to Buy Young Living Essential Oils: Do I Have to Become A Member?

How and where to buy young living essential oils online.

A few years ago, I came across a Facebook group full of information about healing your gut – something I was desperate to accomplish at the time.

After a few days of combing through all of the articles, testimonies, and TED talks, I was convinced to try a product that many of the women in that group had used to improve their own health.

I knew that it was from a direct-sales company, but I didn’t have weird feelings about that. I understand business models and sometimes direct sales is just the best approach.

So I reached out to the sweet girl who ran the Facebook group; she was a distributor of the product and someone I trusted.

Her own health story was eerily similar to mine, so I was anxious to see if this product gave me as much relief as it did her.

No One Likes A Hidden Commitment, Susan

The problem that brought me to an ultra-confused halt came when I asked her about the price.

See, I was prepared to pay for this product. I’m aware of the cost of quality goods and I believe in investing in preventive care instead of paying medical bills.

So it wasn’t the number that scared me when I opened up her message.

Instead, it was the crazy chart detailing the different “levels” of “membership” and the price difference between each one.

Uh, membership sounds like I have to show up to meetings or take an oath or something. I just want to buy some vitamins.

In the end, I wound up never buying this particular product because I couldn't make sense of their membership model or the weird pricing or the creepy feeling that I was somehow going to ruin my credit score if I typed in my card number.

Which is unfortunate, because I’m sure the whole thing was legit and there was no hidden commitment to the aforementioned vitamins.

Thankfully, someone explained Young Living to me and my health wasn’t forced to continue its suffering all because I’m stubborn and suspicious of complicated language.  

Young Living Essential Oils: 2 Ways to Buy

When Gary Young founded YLEO back in the early 90’s, essential oils weren’t something that most people knew about (read: only the flower children cared).

Gary and his little rag-tag team of visionaries knew that people (at least in the nineties) would never buy essential oils just because they were sitting on a supermarket shelf.

So they decided to form the company around a direct-sales model, with distributors serving as teachers to their own communities. Our job is to make essential oils accessible and to give people the power to take care of their bodies well.

(Of course, the downside to letting independent spokespeople market your product is that sometimes your company gets associated with independent brands of crazy, but I digress).

So once you’ve read all the things and decided that you want to buy some oils (or any product, actually) from YLEO, you’ll be presented with two options: retail customer or preferred customer.

Do You Want One Oil or a Whole Set of Them?

Retail customers pay the regular retail price for whatever it is you want to buy. It’s exactly like ordering from any other online store – choose your item(s), add to cart, enter payment details, checkout.

Preferred Customers enjoy discounted pricing and other members-only discounts. The catch is that you have to buy a starter kit of essential oils instead of just choosing one or two.  (There is also a Savvy Minerals Makeup Kit and a Thieves Home Starter Kit to choose from. You can browse the kits here.)

Basically, YLEO understands that some people only want a bottle of lavender and other people want a variety of oils on hand.

If you choose a whole kit, YLEO says thanks for your purchase by knocking 24% off the price.

There are no other requirements for being a preferred customer beyond your initial purchase.

Isn’t there a Subscription Box?

One of the hardest things about moving away from supermarket brands and using more healthful products is availability.

It’s super hard to find fluoride-free toothpaste in this town; don’t even ask about all natural shampoo unless you want to get some real eye-rolls.

We know that it’s hard to keep up with re-ordering  stuff all the time, so one of the members-only perks that preferred customers have access to is a monthly subscription box of the YLEO products that you use the most.

It’s totally optional, of course.

But if you find yourself really in love with Thieves Toothpaste or Seedlings Baby Wipes, it’s a great idea to activate an Essential Rewards subscription. You get points every month that you can use to get those pricier supplements or to splurge on higher-quality makeup.

What is YL Go?

If you choose to activate an Essential Rewards subscription, you will be asked if you want to purchase an additional YL Go membership.

YL Go gives you free priority shipping on your subscription box orders all year long. You can choose to skip it if you don't mind paying for your shipping monthly.

But What If I’m Thinking About Selling Essential Oils For Some Side Cash?

In that case, you’ll want to choose the preferred customer option and activate an essential rewards subscription. Once you refer a friend, your account will automatically update to reflect that you are becoming a business builder. Young Living Business Builders don't keep an inventory or purchase special business kits.


  • You have two choices when you buy from Young Living: you can buy as a retail customer or as a preferred customer.

  • Retail customers are people who only want to buy one or two items. They pay the regular retail price on whatever they purchase.

  • Preferred customers are people who want to buy a starter kit (a whole set of essential oils or makeup). They get discount pricing on the starter kit and on any orders they place in the future as a special thank you.

  • The Essential Rewards subscription box option is only available to preferred customers. It's an optional monthly subscription box and is completely customizable with the products that you love most.

  • YL Go is the option to prepay for cheaper, faster shipping on your monthly order; it's like Amazon Prime, but for YLEO products.

  • Business Builders are preferred customers who have helped other people become preferred customers.

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