That Time I Ruined My Kid's Birthday


It was December of 2014.

I had just had Ella Claire and I was determined to make Connor’s birthday really special since he was getting the short end of the attention stick with a new baby around.

I was feeling great after Ella was born in October.

She arrived in 5 short hours, meaning I missed my chance for an epidural, but also meaning that I recovered quickly without the drug-induced haze I had after Connor’s birth.

I felt energetic, rested, and happy at home with my babies. I was making plans to start writing more and I even joined a writer’s group.

I felt like I had found my groove, like I was exactly where I was supposed to be rocking babies and making snacks and writing on the internet.

And then my health issues started popping up.

I developed a sudden and extreme sensitivity to anything containing wheat or gluten.I was getting frequent, mild headaches. My vision was occasionally a little blurry. Sometimes I got dizzy.

I thought I just wasn’t drinking enough to keep up with a nursing newborn.

Truthfully, this had all been brewing for months, probably years, but I didn’t know enough to realize that my body was sick.

I felt *off* but not enough to warrant a doctor visit. I couldn’t even name a particular concern.

And then I started having gallbladder attacks.

I muscled through them for two months, trying to fix things with my diet and other lifestyle changes.

A few days before Christmas I landed in the emergency room with a doctor who insisted I had no option but surgery.

I had to pump from the hospital so that someone else could feed my baby.

I couldn’t get off of the couch to help my kids open Christmas presents.

And I certainly couldn’t throw a sweet birthday party to celebrate the best big brother in the world.

Needless to say, his day wasn’t truly ruined (we still had pizza and cake and grandparents).

But mine was.

I had wanted so badly to make things super special for him that year, and I couldn’t.

Because my body was in crisis.

Because I didn’t know.

Because toxins are everywhere and you just can’t predict when they might overload your body.

Four years later, it’s crystal clear why everything broke down when it did.

I just didn’t know how to truly support my body with wellness habits.

I didn’t know what to use or how to use it to give my body the nutrition it needed.

I certainly didn’t have anyone to look to for help or guidance.

That’s why I’m so passionate about sharing my stories, my experiences, and all the science of holistic health things I’ve learned along the way; because we just get this one life.

None of us want to spend precious days confined to a bed or held back by anxiety or burdened by very preventable issues.

I think every kid deserves a great birthday. And I believe every mama needs to take care of herself, too.