What You REALLY Need to Know About the New Essential Oils Movement


In 2015 I got an idea.  I guess it was more of a knowing, really, because it formed so slowly in my mind that I don’t even remember when the whole thing began.

Now, I can’t remember ever NOT holding this idea in my heart.

I think maybe I’ve always been destined to pioneer something; simply following the designated path has never been enough for me.

Oh, I’m no rebel.

I just have a crazy love for potential. 

I’ve never been willing to believe that this is as good as it gets; instead, I’m always pushing through the branches and going off in search of something yet discovered.

And so it was in the fall of 2015 when I stuck a bunch of seeds in the ground and announced on Facebook that I was accepting members for my CSA farm.

I had grown a garden before, but nothing like the scope of this project.

I had a toddler clinging to my knees and a newborn on my back.

I had no business experience and no money.

But I had heart.

I believed with everything in me that my community needed fresh, organic vegetables and I knew that no one else cared enough to tackle the challenge.

You Can't Be Afraid of Getting The Side-Eye

When I started using essential oils, it was something of new thing, especially in my real-life circles (because IG friends are a thing).

No one had any advice or safety guidelines for me to follow.

In fact, most people thought it was totally weird, a little scammy, and a few concerned church-goers wondered if I was perhaps being tempted into witchcraft. 

Good news, y’all!

I haven’t cast any spells on the preacher and I’m pretty sure we’ve all realized by now that essential oils are a legit form of preventive care (just like eating your kale and getting some sleep).

Essential oils are wellness supplements.

No, really. It’s not voodoo. Your Sunday School teacher was wrong.

By definition, “essential oils are the lipid soluble mixtures of volatile aromatic compounds found in plants” and extracted through steam distillation or cold pressing.

Humans have been extracting oils from plants and using them medicinally ever since the ancient Egyptians were settling the Nile Valley.

A little history, a lot of chemistry. But no magic , evil or otherwise.

Much like getting enough vitamins and meeting your step goal, essential oils are just one element of a holistic lifestyle. (I started using them after I discovered the real reason behind my headaches and anxiety).

Essential oils can help balance your emotions.

Regular girls like me use Stress Away to fend off late-night overthinking and that awful feeling when you tell the waiter “You too” after he tells you to enjoy your meal.

However, television star Kerry Washington (from the series Scandal) keeps a bottle of Relax blend on her nightstand to help her wind down after a high-energy day.

And Patrick Monahan, lead singer of the band Train, says that he uses Highest Potential (a blend with Blue Cypress, Jasmine, and Tangerine essential oils) before facing a crowd to help him feel assured and confident.

It sounds a little woo-woo, but researchers at Xiamen University, China, commented: “Most studies, as well as clinically applied experience, have indicated that various essential oils, such as lavender, lemon and bergamot can help to relieve stress, anxiety, depression and other mood disorders. Most notably, inhalation of essential oils can communicate signals to the olfactory system and stimulate the brain to exert neurotransmitters (e.g. serotonin and dopamine) thereby further regulating mood.”

Livin’ my best life because science.

Essential oils can enrich a spiritual experience.

Prayer journals, gratitude lists, devotionals, meditations, scripture readings, and songs have long been recognized as elements of a personal spiritual practice.

In many cultures, essential oils are an esteemed part of that rhythm as well.

Beyond our religious alignment, we all have a set of values and the potential to discover meaning in our lives.

Essential oils can provide the emotional grounding, peace, and enlightenment necessary to find our unique purpose and live our most effective life.

Essential oils are simple to use.

Some of the elite gatekeepers of the essential oil realm will try to convince you that essential oils are inherently dangerous and are to be used with extreme caution.

Some will even persuade you that training programs and certificates are necessary before ever rubbing Lavender on your feet.

Y’all know my eyes roll at all that.

There are a couple of base rules when it comes to oil usage:

  1. Don’t apply “hot” essential oils to your skin without combining them with a carrier first (like some regular coconut oil)

  2. Don’t put essential oils in your eyes or ears.

  3. Only ingest essential oils that are labeled for dietary use.

Other than that, no fear.

We are confident humans capable of reading a few blogs and taking it from there. (I’m talking about oils, not parenting, ya hear me?).

Basically, this is what you really need to know:

  • Essential oils aren’t just for “alternative healers” and anyone dumb enough to get suckered by slick marketing. They are for all of us doing our best to take care of our bodies and avoid those ridiculously expensive insurance premiums. Aint nobody got time.

  • If you can take care of a tiny human, you are smart enough to use essential oils safely.

  • Essential oils have a powerful influence on our brain through our olfactory system, making them ideal for regulating our moods naturally.

  • When our emotions are balanced and our brain is happy, we are freed up to think about and do bigger things beyond just surviving this life. Essential oils allow us to begin thriving so that we can make a difference with our talents and break the tradition of college > career > family > retire and just hope that you actually enjoyed your life.

What you really need to know about essential oils.

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Essential oils can relieve anxiety naturally, according to researchers at Xiamen University, China.