An Un-Becomer's Manifesto

The world was desperate and she knew it. She knew it because she was desperate too. Quiet perception revealed anguish In the eyes of a smile, frustration pinched behind polite lips, and just a hint of danger in the breathless pause between decisions. Her heart was broken for herself and for all the world; tangled in the tightly woven lies of security, prosperity, significance. She knew it was all for naught. Every body would be cradled to sleep by the same ground in the end; no different than the leaves.

And so she decided to be everything she was created to be and nothing she was not. To crucify shame and perfection and to pick up freedom and love. To extend permission. To revel in the beauty of the details, not for their individual sake, but for the breathtaking value of their sum. For what is humanity, if not a collective of individual fascinations?