Gather some basic supplies

You can make so many things with essential oils, but not without some basic supplies. You can find all of the following on Amazon or on Etsy from independent shop owners.

  • Diffuser - this disperses essential oils into the air. If you can only choose one accessory, this is the one you want!

  • Glass Rollers - for mixing essential oil recipes to apply on your skin.

  • Glass Spray Bottle - handy for making room sprays + household cleaner.

  • Pipettes - not entirely necessary, but convenient for transferring essential oils into containers.

  • Carrier Oil(s) - fatty oils like coconut, almond, grapeseed, and jojoba are necessary for diluting essential oils.

Additional Supplies

  • Labels - for custom roller bottles and jars

  • Perfume Bottle - to mix your own custom scent

  • Glass Jars - handy for making dry shampoo, carpet powder, or other DIYs.

  • Stainless steel funnel - useful for some DIY recipes

Safety Tips

  • Never put essential oils directly into your eyes or ears. For ear discomfort, placing a few drops of oil on a cotton ball, then placing the cotton ball in your ear is recommended. You can also apply diluted oils around the outside of your ears.

  • The citrus oils are photosensitive. If you apply them topically, you will want to avoid direct sunlight for 12 hours so that you don’t burn.

  • If you add any oils to your water, please make sure to drink out of a glass water bottle.

  • We always recommend a carrier oil when applying oils topically to children, until you feel comfortable doing otherwise.

  • When using essential oils in your bath, add a few drops to some Epsom salt first, then put the salt into your bath water. This gives the oils something to adhere to instead of them floating on top of the water.

  • If you apply an oil topically and it feels uncomfortable, apply a carrier oil over it, then wipe away with a cloth. The carrier oil will carry the essential oil off of your skin.

  • Keep your oils stored in a cool, dark place and avoid extreme temperatures, hot or cold. This will ensure your oils don’t oxidize or lose their therapeutic properties.