You've always wanted to...

Be a mom without losing your identity.

But you can't figure out how to make time for it all.

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I'm the founder of These Millennial Mamas and I know how hard it can be to make time for your family AND your creative goals without feeling like a failure at both. 


Whether you are:

  • a new mom just figuring out how you want to parent

  • a mom feeling frazzled trying to take care of all.the.things. without forgetting yourself

  • a dreamer wanting to do work that matters and still be present for the little moments with your kids


We've all been there.


One thing we all have in common is we really want to know how other mamas are doing it. Usually, though, we're too afraid to ask because

  • That's awkward.                               

  • What if she tries to tell me 'the best way" to do everything?           

  • I can probably Google it.

You know what I've always done?

Googled it.

And then I end up annoyed with the whole internet OR I get distracted by homemade glitter play-dough recipes and never actually find the answers I need.

Maybe you don't have time for any more opinion pieces on the dangers of co-sleeping, but you still want to hear from other moms who have legit solutions to your burning questions. (How do I make time for my creative pursuits when I'm with my kids all day? What does self-care even mean? Should I start a blog?)

That's what I'm here for!

I'm gathering a community of mamas just like you.


I want to help you skip the learning curve that I struggled through and go straight to Empowered Mama with a Strong Sense of Purpose. (um, yes please). 

So I'm gathering a community of mamas just like us: twenty and thirty-something gals with young kids and a stubborn determination to strike a balance between June Cleaver and Girl Boss.

We're calling it These Millennial Mamas. We believe that our families are priority, our dreams are too important to set aside, and our communities need women who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty + give generously. 


Join us today and I'll show you how to

  • establish a habit of true self care
  • identify your purpose in this season
  • find the tools and routines that work for your family and ignore the other stuff
  • create time for the things you're passionate about
  • maintain balance between motherhood and creativity
  • grow your side hustle into meaningful work without missing your kids' lives
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The library is where all of our articles, videos, and free downloads are kept. As a member, you can access these resources anytime (middle of the night feeding session? Lunch break? Nap time? It's open to you always!). 

FInd answers to your questions

I'm finding out that most millennial moms have the same kinds of questions:

  • I only get one life. How do I figure out what to devote my time + energy + love to?
  • How can I use my influence to affect positive change in the world without leaving the country or winning the lotto?
  • How do I find time into my already-full days to work on my goals?
  • I love being a mom, but it's exhausting. How do I take time to care for myself without feeling icky for leaving my kids?
  • I know I'm a good mom. So why do I still feel guilty for working/pursuing my goals/saying no to good things?
  • How do I balance all of the roles that I have without feeling like I've sold myself short?

I've asked all of these questions before, and I'm ready to show you what worked for me so that you can maintain balance and find freedom.

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The community is our secret Facebook group where you can ask questions specific to your goal of finding a healthy balance between your family and your identity.

Because motherhood is a HUGE part of our lives, but it's not our entire life. Amen?

This is your place to make friends with mamas who are just like you: not exactly content with giving up your career/creativity/goals but not planning on letting someone else raise your kids either. 

Looking for practical ways to squeeze in self-care time? Ask the mamas who know all about exhaustion in the digital age.

Have questions about managing your side hustle alongside your family? Ask the ladies who are doing it.

Dreaming about doing some good in the world in a really tangible way? Find inspiration alongside the women who are shaping the future, right from our kitchen tables. 

how much is it worth to talk every month with women you trust and hear how they

prioritize their family + work steadily towards their dreams + still have the energy for a bedtime story each night?

Is it worth the price of a Chic-Fil-A lunch? (Without the mom-valet service though, bc that stuff is invaluable). 

 That's the membership cost for These Millennial Mamas - $14 a month.


Enrollment is currently closed.  Drop your email below to be notified when we open up to new members.