Are you desperate to make this online business thing work?


I was! I started out probably much like you: all I really wanted was a pretty Instagram and a creative outlet to remind myself that I'm good at something in addition to mothering.


And then I discovered that I had a message I wanted to share, so I got a little more strategic with my pretty squares. Pretty soon, I was spending hours curating content, snapping pictures, and tapping out heartfelt words on a tiny screen.

But spending all that time without really earning anything, well - it was kind of killing my creativity.

I saw plenty of other women earning an income from their social platform, so why didn't I do that?

I quickly discovered:

  • Brand rep opportunities usually pay in product or credit, not cash.
  • Marketing campaign requirements can be ridiculously demanding.
  • Sponsored posts don't provide a consistent income.

I wanted to monetize my platform, but I wanted to do it in a way that was genuine, smart, and still allowed me to share my message with the world.

The first time I thought about a network marketing partnership, I had an actual argument with myself. I'm not that kind of girl. That's not a real business. 


But then I realized three key points:

  • if I choose to represent a product that people in my niche are already looking for, then I don't have to be a salesperson.
  • If my people are already considering this product and they trust my voice, then they will happily use my link to make their purchase.
  • If I continue sharing my creative message and building genuine relationships online, then these products aren't my business. My brand is my business, just like it's always been.

(Want to know what product I chose? Fill out the form below.).

When I considered the amount of work I was already putting in on social media (for free!) alongside the income potential of this network marketing partnership, I decided it was a no-brainer!

For less than the cost of an Instagram course, I invested in some products that I love (and would buy anyway) and began planning a way to share them authentically with my people.

The immediate results were:

  • my creativity level jumped because the pressure was off - I could quit trying to find a way to bring in some extra cash.
  • my confidence increased because I was suddenly surrounded by women with similar goals - no more feeling lost in the world of online biz!
  • my clarity was regained, and I remembered why I started my account in the first place - to encourage other women to go after the things that make them feel alive.

Now, I'm crazy excited to help other women do the same thing! 

I'm building a team of social media girl bosses (or those who want to be) and teaching them how to refine their message, build their brand, live creatively, and earn an income FROM HOME. Because we all want more time with our babies, right?

If you're looking for a way to bring back your creativity, confidence, and clarity then I'm happy to talk to you about this partnership and how you and I can work together to incorporate it into your brand in a way that feels genuine and uniquely you.

Before you fill out this form, though, I'm going to be real honest:

  • You're going to have to put in some work. It might be from home, it might be in your pj's, it might be after the kids are asleep, but I'm not promising an income without a work ethic. The good news? You've already got a work ethic. That's how you wound up with a beautiful account and an engaged following, right?
  • You're going to have to be coach-able. Of course this is your business, on your terms. But you might need to broaden your view of what business can look like for you or your brand. If you're hungry to learn the ins and outs of business online, then this is for you!
  • You're also going to have to do some research and some independent thinking. I'm not giving you swipe files or a copy and paste business. I'm giving you coaching, encouragement, and product education to equip you to make this business fit within your growing brand. I'm here to help you shine your light!

Sound good?

Let's start with an email.

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What you can expect from our Email conversation:

  • First, you'll share about your brand. What message are you hoping to spread. Who is your ideal follower? 
  • Next, you'll share your schedule and daily demands so we can make sure to fit this new business element into your life without stress
  • You'll learn why the wellness industry is the smartest place to invest right now
  • You'll get a glimpse into how I share the products on my platform genuinely and without changing my voice or style
  • Finally, you'll get to see the most popular kits that people use to start their business